What makes me tick? Love, passion, history and people! I am moved by the wonderful world we live in and the journey we have taken through time to get to where we are today. The wonderful stories of the lives of people who have made us who we are today, inspire and thrill me.

I am a teacher, a writer and a London City Guide. I have vast experience on the Continent as a Tour Manager, a Customer Services Manager and have taken on a range of fundraising, researching and volunteering ventures.

After spending the summer on the road as a Great Britain Travel Director, I realised how much I would’ve appreciated some support and information about the journey from city to city. This is not information that is readily available on websites or travel guides, unless you specifically know what you are looking for. I would thus like to put together a blog with information and tales about the trails that take us to our destinations on these wonderfully exciting islands.

Please join me for the ‘ride’…. and of course the fun!